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More Video Ideas for your Clinic

 More Video Ideas

If you need more video ideas for your clinic, this article will help you decide on what kind of video to make. Here are more video ideas for your clinic.

  1. Intro Video – For this video, you can tell your audience what your clinic specializes in. You can discuss about various dental processes. This video can be placed in your homepage.
  2. Skit/ Short Movie – Do you have something on your mind that you find funny? Why not write a script about it and make it into a short movie? I’m sure your patients will love watching it while waiting for their appointment.
  3. Shoutout Videos – Make a shoutout video to announce your clinic’s upcoming promotions and discounts. This is a good way of promoting your clinic.
  4. Dancing Video – Do you like to dance? Or do you have a dancer in your staff? Why not make a dancing video?  It’s nice to make a video showcasing your talent in dancing. People will surely be entertained watching your dancing video.
  5. Special Effects – Are you good with computers? If so, you may make a special effects video using special editing software. Or you can practice making one. There are many tutorials that you can find online.
  6.  Thank you Video – Create a thank you video for your valued patients. If you create a thank you video, your patients will surely come back whenever they have dental issues.
  7. Testimonial Video – Ask your patients to say something about their experience in your dental clinic. Once you have a testimonial video, future patients will be assured that your clinic is one of the best.
  8. Blooper Videos – I’m sure you have screwed up your line once in your previous videos. You can compile those videos and make it into a blooper video. People just love seeing blooper videos. It gives them a good laugh.
  9.  Behind the Scene Videos – Everyone wants to know or see how everything started in your clinic. You can make Behind the Scenes Videos that will show how you did a particular procedure.
  10. Dictionary Videos – Make a Dictionary Video for dental termsor acronyms that people are not familiar with. This will be helpful as not all people are familiar with the new dental proceduresand would want to know more about them. They would search online for this.

Well I hope these ideas will help you start your own video for your clinic. Don’t give up and don’t worry if there are only a few people who watch your video. Just keep on making quality videos that you can post on your website or on Youtube. Chances are, people will soon notice your videos. By the way, don’t forget to edit your videos before you upload them.

These are just the ideas I came up with and you probably have more ideas and if so, please feel free to leave them in the comments.





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