Real direct mail dental marketing results

The most important thing you can do with your marketing is to measure it. I know very few dentist I spoke to actually have a good new patient tracking system. You are basically gambling with your investment if you don’t track because you don’t know what has worked and what have not. Tracking is very easy, we have a built in call tracking within or you can buy the call tracking service from many service providers online.

Below are Direct Mail designs and results provided by PostcardMania. How does your direct mail campaigns compare?

6 new Invisalign cases, Mailed 11,718 cards 1x

Doubled the number of new patients and increasing every month

195 patients, Mailed 12,000 cards of this design - 6,000, 2X - 2 months apart

5-6 responses from first mailing and 1-3 responses per month, Mails 1k cards every 1-3 months

11 new patients, Mailed 6000

5-8 new patient calls per day, Mailed 10,000 cards - 1X

35-38 new patients from the first mailing, Mailed 6,000 cards - 1X

148 new patients in 2.5 months, Mailed 13,000 - 2 times - 1 month apart

75 new patients directly from the cards generating $58,000 which averages to $773.65 per patient

5-10 new patients a day, mailed 5000 three times

6 new patients from this campaign! Mailed 2k cards 3x – every 2 weeks

4 appointments made on the 1st day, mailed 12,000 cards

5,800 cards, 20 patients made an average of $450 per person

5-10 new patients a day mailing 5,000 x 3 times local area

200 responses from 2000 address list -3x every 4-6 weeks

The biggest mistakes I see dental clinics make is that they only send out one mailing of direct mail at the lowest cost and only a few patients. The problem with that is that people need to see your ads many times before they call you, as well you could be missing calls from patients. From our statistic we discover that clinic lose about 30% of patients from not being able to answer the phones either because they are busy or patients call during off hours. In addition you could be losing an additional 50% or more because of receptionists lack sales training and your clinic is not available to answer inquires online. That means for every one patients you get you could have gotten about 3 more patients.

If you do the math the results seem pretty good. But remember these results are provided by a postcard marketing company that wants you to buy their service. And there are many factors you have to consider. If you feel you need help with your marketing strategy, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-784-7878 for a free marketing consultation. 

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