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Become the community dentist by taking part in Brush-a-mania

community dentist brushamania - london

community dentist Brush-a-mania – London

The main reason advertising in general is not effective is the trust issue.  To be respected in the community you have to be part of the community. Many community events are expensive to be part of and hard to prep and organize. But they are worth it because unlike advertising they build trust. Maybe you haven’t heard much about Brush-a-mania event but it’s a great program to look into to build your community presence.

Every year during April, oral health month dentists that are part of the Brush-a-mania program goes to their local schools to give a fun presentation to the young students. This program is organize by The Rotary Club of Toronto – Don Mills and it’s a free program for dentists of Toronto, every child gets a free toothbrush and toothpaste. For dentist outside of Toronto they cost for toothbrush and toothpaste is $1 a child but often dentist do fundraiser or is sponsor by their local dental society.

Here are a few words from Dr Raffy Chouljian the founder of Brush-a-mania:

Can you address these questions so that I can put this in the article:

[Dentistry Business] How can a dentist get the most out of the program?

[Dr Raffy Chouljian] The program is community service.  You will feel gratified giving back to your community.  You will get out of your office and the pressures of the office and just have fun for an hour with the students.

[DB] What advice would you give dentists participating for the first time?

[RC] Relax and enjoy.  It should be fun.

[DB] How should the dentist prepare for the presentation?

[RC] Practice.  Rehearse your presentation over and over to become fluent.  You do not want to read a script.  Just talk to the students as you would talk to a patient in your office.  You will find that as soon as you start, the students’ hands go up with a million questions.  Pretty soon your session is over.  It is difficult sometimes just to get your message out.

[DB] What are some common mistakes dentists make?

[RC] Reading a script.  Very boring.  Talk to the students.  Adapt your presentation to the age group and questions that you get.

[DB] How can the dentist make it fun and entertaining?

[RC] Engage the students.  Ask questions.  Make it an interactive presentation.  Invite guests from you community.  Politicians; Sports stars, Mascots.

[DB] How can the dentist promote their clinic?

[RC] Self promotion should be secondary.  Invite your local media to cover Brush-a-mania.  You will be interviewed to discuss oral health.  Your school should write an article on the program including your name.

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