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Biggest shortcut your web designer made that is costing you patients

If you ask any patient to talk about their dentist they would not tell you the school or education of the dentist, they would not talk about the equipment or office furniture, and not even the procedures they had at the clinic. Most would talk about their relationship. Many dentist and even patients themselves would not be aware of this but patients choose and stay with a dental clinic based on their relationship with the dentist and staff.

Yet when you look at dental websites less than 95% actually have some type of photos of the staff or even the office. If this is the number decision factor, why are most dental websites look like lifeless templates? Why do web designers take this important shortcut? As I look at the offering of websites from dental marketing website companies there is a common theme. All the websites look like it’s from within a certain price range. If the budget is within a few thousand dollars, the dental website company has limited resources to have real pictures. Often the web marketing company is in a different city, or even state/province, or even in another country. That makes the logistic of organizing photography difficult and the cost high.

The issue is not adding the photos to the site but taking photos and videos to provide to your dental website company. Here are five easy ways to add some personality to your website:

  1. Get a professional video – The most effective to communicate the personality of the dentist and staff as well as the office is with a natural and professional video. This is one we did for Jane Clair Dental Clinic. See how quickly you can get a vibe of the office and the staff.
  2. Have a professional photographer come in for group shots, individual shots, and facility shoot – You can now take great pictures with your cellphone and a point and shoot camera but if you are not experienced or a hobbyist it’s look cheap and cheesy. Go for hiring a professional but get one that takes wedding or event photographer over a studio photographer. Wedding or event photographer will capture the moment and make everything look natural, a studio photographer will make everything look staged and unnatural.
  3. Make simple videos and post it up on Youtube – Let’s said you already have a professional video made or you don’t have the budget to spend on one. A low cost way is shoot fun and informative videos and upload it to Youtube. Teach your patients how to brush or floss. These videos would be perfect for training your patients after they leave your clinic.
  4. Create personality with personal photos – You are other staff members been on an exciting vacation lately? Post the pictures on the site in a blog post or make a gallery on the homepage. Remember your patients are choosing and coming back because of the relationship they have with you and your staff.
  5. Dental office Instagram and Facebook account – I’m sure you’ve been on websites that were made in the 90’s, is the business still open? What’s more dangerous is that they might think your equipment and technique is from the 90’s as well! If they are not then you want potential patients to feel that. Instagram and Facebook are great for updating all the fun and great things happening at your clinic. Remember to embed this on your website.

Adding personality to your website doesn’t even have to cost much. With the last three options you won’t even have to hire anymore. Just remember to have fun and show what it is really like in your clinic, no stiff back fake smile photos!

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