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Top Dental Practice Management Blogs

top dental practice blogs

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Being a dentist,  you take care of your patients everyday.  But not only that, there is also a business you need to attend to. And making sure your staff is well trained. Now this is alot of stuff to think about. Because of this, you seek the services of a dental coach or a dental practice manager/consultant. You can hire a consultant to help you run the business so you can focus on what you do best which is taking care of people’s teeth.


A dental coach or a dental practice consultant is an expert in managing your finances. They also do the recruitment and training of your staff. There are also dental coaches who owns blogs where they post their advises to dentists who are having issues.

Here are the top 10 dental practice management blogs that I have compiled

  1. Open Wide Group is a group where dentists connect and promote the dental profession to engage effectively on various topics of interest for further excellence. Here you will find an opportunity to connect and learn from other dentists regarding all aspects of dentistry, such as clinical and practice based issues and other challenges that you or your colleagues feel are important to our profession as we strive for excellence.
  2.  Kevin Rose worked with corporate organisations and owner managed businesses across a variety of industries for over 20 years. He got to see what works in business and also what doesn’t work. This experience allowed him to understand dental business very quickly. twitter facebook linkedin google-plus
  3. Costes currently owns and operates a dental assisting school and two dental offices. His dental assisting school has generated at least $100,000 of passive income for the last six years. For the last three years, his school curriculum has been sold to other dentists throughout the United States.
  4.  Dr. Ron Arndt is a dental coach. He coach and support clients around dental practice management.He practiced clinical dentistry for 20 years in North Ridgeville, Ohio. He developed and coordinated a solo-group concept that integrated two specialties with two comprehensive general family practitioners. Dr. Ron Arndt published a book entitled “Killing the Practice Before it Kills You”. twitter facebook linkedin pinterest-logo
  5. is the online blog for Dr. Lorne Lavine, the founder and president of Dental Technology Consultants. If you’re thinking of adding to or upgrading your technology systems, then you’re in the right place. twitter facebook
  6. As one of the Pacific Northwest’s most trusted consultants, Dayna Johnson has helped dental offices from around the country transition down the path to paperless. No two dental offices are alike, and Dayna channels her passion for going chartless to help fulfill their goals and increase their profitability. With 19 years of experience, Dayna’s passion for effecient systems is grounded in personal understanding and professional expertise. With a direct, pragmatic approach, Dayna helps clients develop standardized protocols for all practice management systems.
  7. Based in Nashville, Jill Nesbitt help dentists by setting up systems to organize your dental practice so it runs smoothly and you can focus on clinical care. She can help you: Train your staff with a comprehensive dental staff training program facebook google-plus
  8. Ryan grew up in Germantown, WI and moved to Milwaukee, WI in 2004. Ryan completed his residency in general dentistry at Winslow Indian Health Care Clinic serving the Navajo population of northern Arizona. He was elected Speaker of the House for the American Student Dental Association (ASDA). He is in private practice in the Milwaukee area and is also a frequent contributor for several dental publication and websites.
  9.  Barry Polansky have been a practicing dentist in New Jersey since 1973. He is the author of the best selling book, The Art of the Examination. He is also the founder and publisher of the popular newsletter, Private Practice. twitter facebook linkedin
  10. Dentist’s Coach


If you’re looking for help in your dental practice, these guys can help you. If you want your blog or know another dental practice management blog that should be on the list, leave a comment below, we are always looking to update and add to our list.

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